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Organic Cleaning

A Very Exciting Announcement

In an effort to improve the quality that European Cleaners provide to its customers and to further preserve the environment and decrease stress on the fine garments we deal with every day, we have partnered with the RENZACCI Corporation of Florence, Italy, to custom tailor one of the best dry cleaning machines in the world to the needs and goals of our clients and company. As a result of this cooperation, we purchased and installed a brand new fully computerized RENZACCI EXCELLENCE Organic Dry Cleaning Machine.

RENZACCI is considered the leading company in the world in the area of cleaning technology and machinery for the dry-cleaning industry. RENZACCI has reached its present position thanks to 40 years of experience in this field - years employed in continuous research and development of new technologies to always assure the highest quality and trustworthiness of both the products and the entire production process.

RENZACCI was the first to develop the modern Organic hydrocarbon dry-cleaning machine, and as such, have a great amount of experience in utilizing hydrocarbon as a dry-cleaning solvent. RENZACCI hydrocarbon dry-cleaning machines are the best in the world - by far. And the EXCELLENCE is their most advanced machine ever.

Our New Environment-friendly Organic Solvent

Our new RENZACCI uses the Chevron Eco-Solv hydrocarbon solvent. This solvent is an excellent medium for dry-cleaning - odorless, safe to handle and non-toxic. It is biodegradable and does not contain any artificial chemicals. Hydrocarbon naturally produces a very soft feel in the treated clothes, and is gentle on colors and even the most delicate garments. It is a very safe and versatile solvent - even allowing us to clean all your leathers in-house.

We are very excited about the new addition to our business and think you will be too! Now, we'll be able to deliver even better quality in addition to the best service possible without endangering the environment. Say Ciao to a new level of clothes care.

With the installation of this top-of-the-line machine we are concluding a three-year-long renovation of the main equipment of European Cleaners. Every major piece of machinery that touches your clothes is now new and modern, and employs the latest technology in the industry.

European Cleaners

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